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All About Me

I’m Hassan Raja, an emerging documentary photographer based in east London. My work is informed and inspired by various aspects of my identity such as my Pakistani roots, and my upbringing in the London Borough of Newham which is a melting pot of cultures, languages, and histories. Both have had a significant impact on my photography and the diverse stories I choose to create work around.

Much of my photography explores the intersection between culture, tradition, and religious practice. I enjoy documenting the physical manifestations of people’s deeply held religious beliefs. Ideas of mortality and the fragility of the human condition are also present throughout my portfolio.

I studied History at Cambridge University from 2018-21, during which I learnt to consider the role of the camera and the photographer in creating history and enhancing our understanding of the past. I also looked at the significance of photojournalism as an emerging practice in the mid-twentieth century during this time, which went a long way in forming my professional ambitions as a photographer.

I’m currently working as a Picture Desk Trainee at Hyphen where I’m sourcing imagery to feature in the publication, developing and shooting photo essays, and learning about the ethics of being a photojournalist.

Please get in contact using the button below if you'd like to book me to create some images.

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